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Apostolic lifestyle

As apostolic sisters we live our mission of reconciliation, empowering lives, restoring rights and upholding dignity through active ministry.  We address the pressing global and local needs of today through relationship-based programs that address the needs and aspirations of persons and communities.

Contemplative lifestyle

As contemplative sisters we witness to the absolute primacy of God and seek to be a means of reconciliation by our prayer, faithfulness to the Gospel, solitude and silence.  We hold in prayer the whole universe and support the endeavors of our sisters who are engaged in the active ministry of reconciliation.

Mission Partners

We are engaged in full partnership with those who choose to accept co-responsibility and work collaboratively for the development, effectiveness and sustainability of the mission.  Mission Partners include Sisters, coworkers, Associates, employees, staff, volunteers, benefactors, board members, companions and friends of the Sisters – who share a love and a passion for the mission in the service of others.  We inspire and support each other.