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​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​A Prayer for reflection and discernment as we prepare for the 
Chapter ​for Great Britain​​​  19-26 August 2020
​Holy Spirit, come to the aid of my weakness and intercede for me in accordance with the mind of God.

Yes Amen.

I say yes Father to whatever the Spirit has asked you for on my behalf.

I say Amen to the Spirit's Prayer.

(Raniero Contalamessa)
2020 GB prov Cha.png 


2021 CC logo en.pngProvince Chapters in preparation for the Inter Continental Assemblies (ICA's) and Congregational Chapter (CC) of 2021

As the Constitutions tell us: “The province chapter is a privileged time in the history of a province.  Through dialogue and prayer, the chapter assesses the life of the province, renews its fidelity to the charism and plans for the future.  It calls each sister to openness, conversion and greater zeal so that the unique gift of Christ, the Shepherd, may overflow into the Church and the world.

The province chapter, convoked by the province leader, is held to prepare for the congregational chapter and for elections.  Having examined suggestions from local assemblies and individual sisters, it proposes directions to the congregational chapter.  The province chapter determines the policy of the province so as to ensure the spiritual progress and apostolic effectiveness of the sisters.”