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1-7 Aug
The Congregation prays for the intentions of ​​
Migrants, Refugees, Victims of Trafficking, violence, war, and religious intolerance
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​​​The Heart of the ​Mission​
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​​​​Daily quotes
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The story of our Symbol and what it means... find out​

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John Eudes
Good Shepherd

Congregational News​ - But for the Grace of God...​​
aguchita1.pngAguchita was born into a rural patriarchal society where it was difficult for girls to access education or opportunities. However, it would appear her family was financially stable, and she could also rely on a network of support. In the following excerpt, adapted from the book Aguchita: Mercy and Justice, more​
                                                                                                (Congregational website)

​​​30th July World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
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I'm not for sale...

Together with them...
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Province Priorities - Environment :
We as a Province need to take seriously the effects of climate change on our planet. we need to adopt policies that will promote care for our environment in the spirit of “Laudato Si”​

“Laudato Si" - On care for our common home​
​​​​​(full text on The Holy See website)

27. Other indicators of the present situation have to do with the depletion of natural resources. We all know that it is not possible to sustain the present level of consumption in developed countries and wealthier​ sectors of society, where the habit of more

​​Cosmopolitics: Global common goods and new international institution​​
(the earth from space)

…It is at the global level that we must learn to talk to each other, prepare for the future, bracket our strategic power relations, keep our selfishness at bay, and enter into a true apprenticeship of… read more

                                                           (La Civilta Cattolica website)   ​​

​​GSIJP Prayer Network
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Pope's Prayer Network


Eudist Shared Prayer​ July
...your brothers and sisters of ITALY greet you fraternally in Jesus and Mary.... read more

Follow the Family
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Justice and Peace
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International Foundation
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Eudist Fathers - Philippines


 Reserved Area
​Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, Solar House, 915 High Road, London N12 8QJ - Registered Charity No. 1163502
An NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC United Nations​