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27 Sept - 3 Oct
The Congregation prays for the intentions of ​​
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 Our spirit

​​​The Heart of the Mission​
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​​​​Daily quotes
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The story of our Symbol and what it means... find out​

​​Congregational Feast - Celebration of the ​Life of Sr. María Agustina Rivas, rgs, martyr (1990)

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"A life that has sprung up vigorously like the grain of wheat that is buried in the ground and bears fruit in abundance." Antonia Luzmila Rivas López
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Summer - Birth House of St. Mary Euphrasia

Every year, during the summer months, the Sisters of the Mother House are very faithful to ensure a presence in Noirmoutier and to open the Birth House to the public. In March 2020 the lockdown began and we asked ourselves the question what will become of our activities in Noirmoutier.​.. read more

Noirmoutier Island

Fifth Intercontinental Assembly​​
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This week it was the turn of Great Britain
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​​Fourth Intercontinental Assembly
​​Third Intercontinental Assembly​​​​
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Second Intercontinental Assembly
​First Intercontinental Assemby
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​​​“Fantasy of mercy”...
​First be touched by God's mercy

However, the Holy Father pointed out, this is not possible unless “we allow ourselves to be touched in the first person by the power of God's mercy." "The sacrament of Reconciliation is the privileged place for this experience," he said. “In presenting our miseries to the Lord, we are enveloped by the mercy of the Father. And it is this mercy that we are called to live and give.
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​​I am with you always
The Word of God...
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Remember your mercies, O Lord (Bro. Errol Salcedo, CJM)

The G​ospel for today reminds us of the two parables: Parable of the Prodigal Son (Lk. 15:11-32)... unconditional love and mercy of God the Father; and,  The Parable of the Talents (Mt. 25:14-30) different responses individuals on gifts they received... read more

​​​​Province Chapters Worldwide 
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