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31 May - 6 June
The Congregation prays for the intentions of ​​
Argentina Uruguay
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​​​The Heart of the Mission​
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​​​​Daily quotes
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The story of our Symbol and what it means... find out​

​​Congregational Feast​​ ​- Canonizati​on of St John Eudes (1925)
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​31 May 1925, solemnity of Pentecost


“His voice echoed throughout France, beginning as a fruitful preacher of the eternal truth, countless prey to the ancient enemy of humankind to be restored to the divine Redeemer... read more​​

Our Lady of Charity

Concerning Our Lady of Charity, John Eudes made a very clear link between Mary and Charity, i.e. love.... John Eudes stated that "the sisters of Our Lady of Charity can in all humility claim it their glory to be the Daughters of the most holy Heart of Mary". To justify this claim, he relied on three main reasons:read more​                

                                                                                                        ​ by Sr Marie Francoise Le Brizault​​

​Eudist Reflection The Birth of New Creation​​
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The Holy Spirit transformed the apostles into New Creation who is willing to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ as he commanded himself.... read more​​​

WEBINAR - Living Laudato Si': Reflection on a Global Plan
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The Birth of New Creation

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Justice and Peace
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International Foundation
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Eudist Fathers - Philippines

​​​Province Chapters Worldwide have been postponed until further notice due to Coronavirus
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 Reserved Area
​Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, Solar House, 915 High Road, London N12 8QJ - Registered Charity No. 1163502
An NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC United Nations​