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St. John Eudes was a master of the spiritual life.  He taught that the best method of prayer was to have no method!  He might have said today: “Pray as you can, not as you can’t”.  He did however give some pointers as to how to pray.  The four movements: Adoration, Giving thanks, Asking for forgiveness and Giving oneself are one way of praying.

​PLACEFinding a place you like, one where you are comfortable, helps create an atmosphere conducive to prayer. Do not neglect to find the right place.

​Taking the time to relax, changing pace, deep breathing, walking, all prepare us for prayer.
Find a position which helps you to pray without any tension.

​RHYTHM​In your day, your week, find the most appropriate time for prayer and hold firmly to that schedule.

Find what is best for you personally.


​Before engaging in prayer, set a time limit: 15 or 30 minutes, an hour, whatever your schedule will allow.

Begin your prayer time by invoking the Holy Spirit: "Come, Holy Spirit, enlighten my heart, enkindle in me the fire of your love."
Focus on one point (i.e. a Scripture passage, some-thing you read, some event) being careful to avoid remaining vague...
Open your heart to listening to the Word of God and remain open to the action of the Spirit who may lead you along unforeseen paths.
Read and reread the text, make yourself available to the movements of prayer welling up within you:


Giving thanks

Asking for forgiveness

Giving of yourself

​THE UNFOLDINGThe aim of prayer is not to help you reason things out, but to bring you to love. Here again the Spirit is the main agent for developing in us an attitude like that of Jesus praying to his Father or of Mary allowing Jesus to form himself in her.
​CONCLUDINGOffer yourself to the Lord to express your wish to enter into the grace given you for this particular day and time.