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You can play a role in identifying victims
SEE the signs...

Look out for people who :

  • seem isolated from the local community and are always under the control of others
  • are regularly collected very early and returned late at night
  • are foreign nationals or teenagers who rarely leave the house unaccompanied
  • may have bruises, scars and other signs of physical abuse/torture
  • are fearful of police/authorities, believe that their or their family's lives are in danger if they seek help
  • are unaware they have been trafficked and believe they are  simply in a bad job
  • seem to be in debt to someone

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Migration / Economic Justice / Girl Child / Trafficking / Prostitution / Integral Ecology

Our Position pn Migration, Economic Justice, Girl Child, Trafficking, Prostitution and Integral Ecology have their source in the spirituality, vision, mission, and heritage of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. The congregation and all affiliated with its mission have a history of service commitment that draws on 400 years of compassionate outreach to, primarily, girls, women, and children in the face of social conditions that cry out for mercy and reconciliation.

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Inherent Dignity
An Advocacy Guidebook​​​
Pastoral Orientations on Human Trafficking

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